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Building A Community Of Lifelong Learners

Ignite Learning is your one stop shop for all your English needs. We provide our students with the perfect educational environment consisting of native English instructors, small classes and exciting educational materials. Courses are tailor made to your needs to ensure each and every student achieves their goal either in a personal or group setting.

Private English class teacher
Our Vision

Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service and excellence in instruction and care.

Our Mission

To build a community of lifelong learners – who enjoy the process of learning as much as we do.  our results will speak for themselves  as we believe in the pursuit of excellence for you, we as a team strive at a premium level.

Our Courses

All of our courses are tailor-made to your requirements. We teach students based on a pace that they are comfortable with and according to their strengths. During our free consultation, you are encouraged to set your personal goals with your facilitator, allowing you to be able to watch your growth over time.

Our Team
Kayy K

Kayy K – 

A global citizen who lived among different cultures and regions, currently based in Malaysia. Enriched with a deep understanding of how the business world thrives and the importance of the English language. Kayy strives to empower each of her students with success and confidence with her unique teaching methods. She has consulted, managed or taught in ESL (KL) , EMS (KL) , Premier Language Center (KL) , Wall Street English (KL) and ELICOS (KL). Her qualifications include the CELTA (British Council) , Masters in International Business (Australia). Kayy is also a certified coach and trainer ensuring you that you are always in good hands.

Becky M

Becky M – 

Graduated from the University of California, Becky has been in the teaching industry for over 7 years. An American citizen who made KL her home she has worked with Universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and California. Her methods are based on years of experience with learners from different backgrounds. She has worked with reputable language centres in KL and enjoys curriculum development and has taught intensive programs fostering academic success for her participants. Becky is patient, reliable and effective.

Jori S

Jori S – 

An empath and linguist (she speaks French and Arabic)- Jori graduated from the University of California with a Masters in Language Instruction and travelled, teaching in many many different countries before deciding to make KL her home. Jori is well known amongst her students for her lovely personality and kindness. Jori taught at The Language House, EMS  and Stratford Language Center. Jori is calm, honest and reliable as an instructor.

Building A Community Of Lifelong Learners

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