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Intensive Private Course - (Personalised)

Achieve the most in the shortest period with the focus mainly on removing challenges and filling gaps you find in the English language.

  • Duration: 2 Months 
  • Age: 16 and above
  • Setting: One on One

Our Focus

  • Getting the quickest positive result.
  • Your needs are most important (ie if you wish to focus on pure grammar then the focus will be that)
  • Enhancing your self esteem and confidence in a safe and discreet environment

What to Expect?

  • Set a Personal Goal with your facilitator
  • Learn at your own pace, according to your own strengths.
  • Maximize your progress by interactive sessions and one to one language coaching
  • No distractions
  • Your needs assessed and addressed in each session

Building A Community Of Lifelong Learners

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