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Ignite Learning Improve Your English With Lessons Specializing In Pronunciation

Ignite Learning Improve your English with lessons specializing in pronunciation

“Pronunciation is the way of uttering a word in an acceptable manner” (Otlowski 1998)
(Pronunciation is a way to speak to the other person)

Pronunciation is very important in learning English. Even if the grammar is perfect, if it is not pronounced correctly, it may not be communicated well, and it may not be possible to speak actively because of its embarrassment, which may adversely affect learning.

Ignite Learning also offers lessons focusing on pronunciation. Using the speech table and pronunciation correction methods, we will surely improve the learning results to the target level. Not only pronunciation but also vocabulary can be strengthened.

Our instructors are from the UK, Australia and the United States, all with a bachelor of education and over 15 years of teaching experience in the ASEAN region. With the belief that “If you continue to have fun, you can expect a learning effect!”

There is no need for cumbersome procedures such as deposits, admission fees, and exams. You can enjoy lessons specialized in pronunciation at individual paces.

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