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Study English in Mont Kiara
Customize your needs & Get one to one lessons:
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Study English in Mont Kiara
Short English lessons in Kuala Lumpur
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Communication based English classes with Ignite Learning!
Professional, conducive learning environment and undivided attention to students at different levels of learning.
We prefer small groups as it allows us to give you individual attention in the classroom and outside.

Our courses

All of our courses are tailor-made to your requirements. We teach students based on a pace that they are comfortable with and according to their strengths. During our free consultation, you are encouraged to set your personal goals with your facilitator, allowing you to be able to watch your growth over time.

Why choose us?

We customise your learning experience based on your needs and wants.
We come highly recommended by our students who have achieved success with us.
We have two venues, one on in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and one in the heart of Mont Kiara.
Our instructors are warm, friendly and care for the process of your journey and are determined to achieve your success.
We are registered and accredited by the HRDF , Ministry of Finance, and hold the MSC status - this ensures our credibility on all counts!
Your development both personal and linguistic is our goal we want nothing more than for you to achieve YOUR goals!
Affordable and flexible payment plans offered.
Short English lessons in Mont Kiara

Our testimonials

Eight out of ten students who choose us, do so because it was recommended to them by friends who have already studied with us. What better testimonial to the quality of our product than such word-of-mouth recommendations?

Teacher Kayy is the most fun because she has a lot of topics. But other teachers only follow tbooks. Because we talk about different topics every class, it is neither boring nor disinteresting. So I wait for the class every week with my teacher.

Junior Private Program , 8 years old , (KOREAN) ( GIS)

I would like to say ”I’m lucky”. Kayy is an excellent teacher and such a positive person that I feel very enthusiastic with her ,and I feel more interested to study. She is always patient, friendly, cooperative and highly motivated. She understands immediately the specific difficulties of a student has with the English language. I liked her lessons, I loved the English she speaks. I’m very happy to recommend her to students of any level and of all ages. Thank you Kayy.

Housewife, (INDIA) 

Teacher Kayy is the most friendly and interesting teacher I met in KL. I would say it’s my pleasure to meet and learn from Teacher Kayy. As an experienced and talented teacher, her topics in the classes always surprise us. Sometimes it’s a really fun topic, sometimes it’s a very useful topic, sometimes it can be a hot current topic, sometimes it can be truly deep and thoughtful topic… Laugh is always around us in class with teacher Kayy. Teacher Kayy is a person full of love and freedom.

Housewife, China

There are a few reasons for going to Ignite Learning Teacher Kathy is great. She is very bright and fun. She also teaches me very politely and does the lesson according to my request. So, I am able to take the class without being nervous. Ignite learning is a good place for learning correct native English with fun I think.

Housewife , Japan

Before I met teacher Kayy at Ignite Learning, I wanted to speak in English and now I CAN!!!. Because I got courage and confidence. She has always helped me in various ways so that I can develop. If you want to talk or discuss any topics in English, you should meet Teacher Kayy. Because she already had a lot of ways to help you as she did me.

Housewife, Korea

I am glad that the teacher was very kind and understood my level of understanding. I often start from everyday conversations and start learning in a relaxed manner, so I feel positive and feel more positive about my improvement.

Housewife, Japan

The lessons are customised and I received a lot of confidence and business environment speaking tips from my instructor

Pharmaceutical Company Manager, Korea

I came to Ignite because I couldn’t find a centre that would provide me what I needed , I have improved a lot and will continue for as long as possible

Online Research Company, Japan

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